Navigating between Knowledges

Caribbean born artist architect EUWEMA has exhibited in Spain, Denmark, Holland, US Virgin Islands, Cuba and the United States.  He is an award winning artist, architect and designer, published poet and author, psycho-geographer and performance artist. His design philosophy revolves around the economic synergy of making each component more than itself and is driven by respect for the triple bottom line. These languages are applied to every project, be it urban planning,  or design build construction. As developer of the tropical microhome, a656 SQFT 2x2 and the 192 SQFT tropical micropod  he believes in the minimal movement and ecosensative design. Euwema remains involved in a myriad of creative endeavors. For a studio visit and/or free design consultation, please call  +1.340.474.1174


COMMITTING FUSIONS   Graphite on mylar, 12x14 inches 
JAI   Placenta Print – Blood, colored pencil and ink on Paper, 14x18 inches

NO TOCAR Mixed Media Assemblage, 22 inches diameter

DREAMS ARE CLOSER THAN YOU THINK Mixed Media Installation 6 x 10 feet

TROPICAL AGREEMENTS Mixed Media Assemblage 2 x 5 feet

META MESSAGES Interactive istallation Mixed Media 38 x 30 inches

CALYPSO MEMORIAL Collage 30x24 inches