Navigating Between Knowledges

Caribbean born visionary EUWEMA has exhibited in Spain, Denmark, Holland, Virgin Islands, Cuba & the United States. He is an award winning artist, architect and designer,  poet and author,  and  performance artist. With EUWEMA, the main function of life is to create. For the creator exploration, investigation and discovery extrapolate meaning and bolster the quote that; ones destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things. He approaches making with an open spirit and humorous sensibility.

Albeit renovating or building architecture, Graphic illustrating and painting or assemblages and installation he explores oral history, memory, mythology, ritual, and cultural identity along a transnational spectrums thru a process of sociological mapping. He is currently exploring the Pan-African motivations, rhyzomatic cultural networks, and the urge to mine transatlantic collective memory, fusion and evolution. Focusing within the regional synthesis of the African pantheon of rites, superstitions, language and the influence they still have  society today. EUWEMA remains involved in a myriad of creative endeavors.

For a studio visit,  PLEASE CALL  +1.340.474.1174 

"COMMITTING FUSIONS" Graphite on mylar. 12 x 14 inches.
"BIRTH ILLUSTRATION" Placenta print (blood, colored pencil and ink on paper) 14 x 18 inches

"NO TOCAR" - Mixed media assemblage. 22 inches diameter

"BLUE MAN" - Acrylic & caustic painting. 5 x 5 ft. Private Collection (Tortola)

"DREAMS ARE CLOSER THAN YOU THINK" - Mixed media installation. 6 x 10 feet


"Adventures of T. Nee P. Lee" -  Character concept illustration.
Guache on paper. 13 x 19 inches (Artist Collection)

"TROPICAL AGREEMENTS" - Mixed media assemblage. 2 x 5 feet

"LUST ANGER FEAR" - 3 Dimensional triptych. 3 x 4 ft each. Acrylic on masonite board
and bendable plywood. (Corporate Collection, Amsterdam)

"META MESSAGES" - Interactive installation. Mixed media. 38 x 30 inches

"META MESSAGES" - Interactive installation. Mixed media. 38 x 30 inches

"EUWEMA" - Typography study.
"CARIBBEAN STANDARD TIME" - Mixed media collage. 20 x 24 inches

"CALYPSO MEMORIAL" - Mixed media 3D collage. 30 x 24 inches

"Authoritarian regimes feign populism because they live in fear of the people. One of the strategies they use to suppress populist movements is to host a big party, get everyone drunk, and encourage people to publicly embarrass themselves. It takes the lid off the pressure cooker.

This might explain why early post-Transfer governments in the USVI met with such resistance and were ultimately forced out of power. The US Navy administrations, and the first civil administration of Paul M. Pearson, embraced both lingering Victorian-era values and early 20thcentury prohibitionist sentiments. They frowned upon demonstrations of popular culture, and sought to hold the citizenry to a higher moral standard. No partying or fooling around allowed.

Stop The Carnival!

And ever since this pre sale stipulation and even when carnival has come back, the authoritarians have remained in full control. I wonder what would happen if the VI Government went bankrupt and could no longer afford to throw a big party …"

"CALYPSO MEMORIAL" - Mixed media 3D collage (detail)

Please Stop the Carnival

 St. Thomas discontinued its spring revel in 1912
And for years, holidays and boat arrivals took its place

 Bamboula no more !

It started again in 1952 and in the last days of April
When our guest have gone back to the mainland and business is forgotten.
Rainbow hues clothed the merry makers
Charlotte’s Salami surrendered itself to a swirl of fun seekers
It was as though humanity was painted in colors and we roistered a bright noise.

The Jumbie, who traditionally wore women’s clothes
transfixed the crowd with his cross dressed roof top antics
as though homophobia disappeared for a week
Our charade parade had permeated itself in our alleys, our lives
It had become a Caribbean milieu rivaled only by few

And then something happen in 73 you see
Ilo calypso? No more, no more
We have our own t’ing we swore

Jumbies still tower over the off- beat
Drum machines, now showing off with techno ease
replace a music which once relied on un plugged human effort

Samples, TV riffs, subliminally give us something familiar
Sparse crowds now stand about our streets and parks
corralled by police, waiting for parade gaps to reappear 

With an abandon we Kariso and so to Kmart
for a culture we don’t have to work for
And in the final days of our metamorphosis,
scantily clad children stand erect mid field on the diamond
preceded by last year’s winners and become a non event

 Bamboula no more!

  2015  ST. THOMAS

"THE ONE EYED KING" - Found objects sculpture.
Wood, fiber and giant squid eye. 11 x 13 inches (Artist Collection)
"THE INTERNAUTS"  -  Character concept illustration.
Colored pencil on paper. 13 x 19 (Artist Collection)
SELF PORTRAIT @50 Years.  Colored paper illustration on mylar. 
8 x 10 (Artist Collection)
"ST. JOHN" - Tourism graphic
"SOCIAL ENERGY" - Digital print. 24 x 24 inches (Artist Collection)
EUWEMA with curators at the "The Sea of Dignified Dust" historical exhibit.
"OBEAH" -  A multi-piece assemblage. 8 x8 ft
Various Logos. Digital Prints (c) EUWEMA
"WHITE TRASH BLACK GARBAGE" - 'Defenders of Paradise' exhibit.
3D mixed media installation.
"PIRATE HERD" - Acrylic on board. 6 x 8 ft (Artist Collection)

This is Santa.

It is with great remorse that I will not visit you today (regardless, your presents were going to be shitty and made in China). As this new President, some cartoon character named Donald, has already screwed things up for me and has forced me to take a second job as a manager in a pizza joint - some place named presto. They figured I would be good at this since I'm an immigrant & the employees are under 5 ft and only want to work 1 week a year.

In order for me to get a job I had to get a physical, so there went the cookies and the milk. The federal government got in my personal business, so there went the pipe. Global warming (which doesn't exist) has been killing my reindeer and the health department has made me shave off my beard but has allowed me to keep my long hair as long as I wear this stupid net.

Due to my credit score I have to get a prepaid phone with no text (the reason this email is coming from a friend). And because my emails are mostly to children I am under federal investigation... Now, you will have to pay for my Ho's Ho's Ho's.

Your Friend,
Santa, December 2017 ,Virginia

"DONKEY TALES" - Book concept. Guache illustration. 2 x 4 ft

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"ECO TERRORIST" - 'Defenders of Paradise' Exhibit. Mixed media 3D installation. 10 x 6 ft
"ISLANDS OF GREEN GOLD" - 2017 Havana Bienale, Casa Las Americas.
3D infographic installation. Mixed media.
"ISLANDS OF GREEN GOLD" - 2017 Havana Bienale, Casa Las Americas.
3D infographic installation. Mixed media.
Various Logos. Digital Prints (c) EUWEMA
"CHEESE UM BREAD" - Found objects sculpture. Deer, goat, frog, lobster.
With Halogen lights. (Artist Collection)
"LOLIGO LOUNGE" - Concept plan for BurningMan.
Pencil drawing on paper. 13 x 19 inches (Private Collection, NY)

Bi Sexual Junkies Shoot each other

On the mezzanine Iron structures


Hey mister…

She clings to the penis skin wallet

It should be moisture resistant


but a business man Clutches his Plastic

And dives right in His ego transcends


Hey mister…

Below the equalizer sounds better


House with ethnic dub

House with a swollen gland

Her story, a moment of glory

His a dark yellow hole from the hills


And another baby of hope up the river swims

with generations of desire Clinging to the chance




Hey mister…Hey mister

Have a nice horror day



1994  Jakarta


"THE CRANK POET" - Installation character study. Digital print. 11 x 17 (Artist Collection)
"LOVE DRUG" - Color pencil illustration. 13 x 19 inches
"CORTEZ & FRIEND" - 3D sculpture. Found objects, bones and shells.
"TIGER" Paper collage 5x7  Private collection Taipei
"Tripping on paper" Illustration ink and color pencil on mylar 8X10 inches
"PETER PANIC" - Character development. Digital print. 8.5 x 11 inches
"LOCOLIZE" - Pastel on paper. 18 x 24 inches (Artist Collection)
"UNTITLED" (Series) - Found objects sculpture.
Bone and shell. 6 x 6 inches. (Private collection, Amsterdam)
"UNTITLED" (Series) - Found objects sculpture. Bone and shell. 6 x 30 inches
"UNTITLED" (Series) - Found objects sculpture. Bone and shell. 6 x 30 inches
"RUM PIRATE" - Brand logo. Digital print. 12x12 inches. (c) EUWEMA
"THE RED EYE" - 'Art by the Sq Foot' Exhibit. 3D collage. 12x12 inches
"SELF PORTRAIT AT 40" - Pen and ink illustration. 11 x 17 inches
"CARIBBEAN CONSTRUCTION" - Ink on mylar illustration. 8 x 17 inches
"WORM MAN" - Ink on mylar illustration. 10 x 12 inches
THE MAN FROM THE BUSH" - Sepia painting on wood. 2 x 4 ft (Private Collection)
"THE ST.THOMAS PROMISE" - Digital print. 13 x 19 (Artist collection)
Various Logos. Digital Prints (c) EUWEMA
"MASK EUWEMA" - Found object sculpture. Bone, sponge, fish and shell.
(Private Collection, Amsterdam)
"BOBBY WASABI HUEY CHOPSUEY" - Character study. Digital print. 13 x 19 (Artist collection)
"MAN OAR" - Found object sculpture. 18in x 6ft (Private collection)
"TRIBUTE TO LEONARD NIMOY" - Colored pencil on mylar. 6 x 10 in
"NEW WORLD" - Found objects sculpture. 4ft x 16in (Artist collection)
"FISHING BLUES"  - Ink illustration on paper. 11 x 17
"ALL DEM TINGS" - Detailed Gift Card
"FEDERAL MONEY"  - Charcoal on paper. 18 x 24
"SHAKEN BUT NOT STIRRED" - Charcoal on paper. 8.5 x 11